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Please contact us for your electronic discovery, computer forensics or cybersecurity needs at (866) DIG-DOCS or info@digitalmountain.com


Digital Mountain provides a broad portfolio of services to support your electronic discovery, computer forensics and cybersecurity needs.

Data Management/ESI Planning Services

Digital Mountain's data discovery management and Electronically Stored Information (ESI) planning professionals provide the following services to organizations:

Data Discovery Management & ESI Planning Services

If you want to manage a litigation project in the most optimal manner from the start, saving time and money, let Digital Mountain guide the way. We help organizations in their ESI planning by evaluating where critical electronic evidence resides and providing the proper documentation to comply with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) that were implemented in December 2006. As part of the discovery architecture process, we assess the costs versus benefit of taking different approaches, as well as crisply explaining complex storage environments so opposing counsel and judges may comprehend the explosive cost issues at hand leading increasing the likelihood of a more favorable outcome. To succeed in electronic discovery, engage Digital Mountain at the beginning of the litigation process.

Data Elimination Services

Similar to the hard copy world where paper shredding services exist, Digital Mountain provides SecureWipeTM data shredding services to eliminate deleted and other ambient data residing on hard drives as part of an organization's document retention plan. Due to the fact over 93% of communication occurs electronically, data elimination or shredding services are expected to become standard corporate procedure. We also provide data wiping services for hard drives that may be recycled or retired. Because reformatting a hard drive does not eliminate data, valuable company or customer information can reside on hard drives creating risk exposure for organizations by disclosing company proprietary information in the public domain.

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