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Please contact us for your electronic discovery, computer forensics or cybersecurity needs at (866) DIG-DOCS or info@digitalmountain.com


Digital Mountain provides a broad portfolio of services to support your electronic discovery, computer forensics and cybersecurity needs.

Computer Forensics

For the most complete and effective data discovery process, Digital Mountain provides computer forensic services through its national talent base of industry veterans from the law enforcement, security, "Big 4", litigation services and data storage industries.

Computer forensics is the non-invasive recovery of all available information, including deleted files, file fragments, and temporary data from hard drives and other data storage devices. In other words, it is one step beyond traditional electronic discovery.

In addition to Outlook and other available files, Digital Mountain will look for critical evidence for your case that may be within deleted files, slack space, swap files, unallocated space, Internet artifacts and other ambient areas of a computer system where data resides.

You may think of communication as only Outlook or another primary e-mail system. However, communication also can reside in Internet e-mail accounts (e.g. Yahoo! or Gmail), instant messaging sessions as well as within SMS/MMS on smart devices.

Do not limit your data discovery plan to the obvious, because the missing piece of the puzzle may be at your fingertips.

Digital Mountain provides the following computer forensic services:

Our process is software agnostic. We utilize the latest and best software tools available, so that precious evidence is not missed.

Because Digital Mountain has experts that concentrate on particular operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, etc.) and enterprise applications, we match our professionals with your specific project for the most optimal results. Additionally, Digital Mountain can provide you with a professional in the geographic location you desire. For organizations that maintain a skeletal staff for incident response, our team can augment your capabilities to be able to deal with the ebbs and flows that exist in our industry sector.

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