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Please contact us for your electronic discovery, computer forensics or cybersecurity needs at (866) DIG-DOCS or info@digitalmountain.com


Digital Mountain provides a broad portfolio of services to support your electronic discovery, computer forensics and cybersecurity needs.

Electronic Discovery

Digital Mountain provides end-to-end electronic discovery services. We provide electronic evidence collection and data processing services for files stored on all major operating systems and on a variety of storage media such as hard drives, tapes, CDs, storage arrays, smart devices and cellular phones. We also specialize in discovery from cloud environments. Our filtering, processing and production services include:

We provide email processing capability for over ninety-nine percent of email applications including Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Groupwise, Google Mail, and others. When password protected files need to be reviewed, we have the ability to perform password cracking services on most files. We also restore data from a variety of database-backed applications. This service would be used in preservation and discovery in stock option backdating cases, bankruptcy data preservation for mortgage companies, employment litigation matters involving Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and other types of cases.

For powerful Web-based file collection, filtering, processing, review and production on-demand, please see our FileQuest® product offering. This flexible solution is designed to simplify and accelerate the electronic data discovery process and enable your legal team to achieve the most optimal results while minimizing costs.

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