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Please contact us for your electronic discovery, computer forensics or cybersecurity needs at (866) DIG-DOCS or info@digitalmountain.com

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July 01, 2019

SANTA CLARA, CA (July 1, 2019) - Digital Mountain, Inc., a leading national provider of Universal Discovery Management solutions including electronic discovery, computer forensics, cybersecurity, and a next-generation Web-based platform, FileQuest®, announced today that the company has expanded its services to include Big Data Analytics and Discovery.

“We are leveraging our extensive experience in custom data discovery, our specialized analysis tools, and our familiarity with a vast spectrum of devices and platforms to help formulate answers to the complex questions raised by mass quantities of data facing organizations today,” said Julie Lewis, President and CEO of Digital Mountain.

Differentiation is Key
IoT devices, sensors, time tracking applications, customer survey systems, data security logs, and other systems generate copious data which requires discovery and analysis to be useful. Digital Mountain’s competitive edge and differentiated analysis processes enable organizations to evaluate market trends, customer preferences, and data security issues, ultimately helping to ensure optimal business decisions are made. Whether the goal is increased revenue, decreased costs, or minimized risk, our big data analytics capabilities can bolster an organization though proactive data management.

Digital Mountain’s data collection and analytics processes can empower an organization’s competitive edge and increase its operational efficiency. We approach each project with a unique strategy, coupling automation with experienced data scientists to simplify complex data sets including those that reside in heterogenous environments. While we re-leverage automation developed over the course of our experience, Digital Mountain maintains agility to convert data aggregations into digestible metrics and provide optimal tools to perform crucial proactive data management.

About Digital Mountain
Digital Mountain, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic discovery, computer forensics, cybersecurity and next-generation Web-based solutions for accelerated native file filtering, review and production. Customers include marquee law firms, corporations and government organizations on a global basis. Digital Mountain’s solutions enable electronic evidence collection and access to data from heterogeneous operating systems, storage media and applications. Digital Mountain’s on-line, on-demand solution provides the first end-to-end solution for electronic discovery. Founded in May 2003, Digital Mountain is a privately held company headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. For more information about Digital Mountain, please visit www.digitalmountain.com.

Media Contact
Robert Kessler 
Manager, Corporate Communications
866-344-3627 x109

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